About the Illustrator

Erika Luke-Green lives in the County of Northumberland and is self taught. "I always had an interest in art and liked experimenting with mediums, but I was always drawn back to illustrations with simpler qualities that appealed to children. So when I was approached by Pip to do some sketches for her book I was ecstatic. Not only is Pip Carr an ambassador highlighting Dyslexia but I

could use my drawings to help interpret the story further."


"However there was for me another hidden passion – Dogs! West Highland Terriers to be precise! Maggie is my lifeline – she arrived in 2016 – a tiny bundle of white curls and as I write this she is heading for her teenage years (and thinks she’s knows everything!) Maggie saved me from drowning (metaphorically) when my mum suddenly died. It was Maggie who showed me the right path when I was lost. Of course one westie is not enough and we multiplied quickly, adding another two rescue westies to our pack. So incorporating Pip’s westie into my painting was a dream come true!"

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