It was so quiet at the bottom of the beach, it seemed the perfect place to set a story. Whenever the tide was in, we would walk along the Cliff Walk and see rabbits in the fields and this inspired me to write the book. That and of course, Max getting into mischief!"


Pip also has dyslexia and was at school at the time that you were just considered "slow." Looking at her old school reports, reading and writing was always a problem.  "I devised a way to get round the writing bit when I was younger. I would just make my writing so bad nobody could read it!!  Of course I would get into more trouble for the spidery hand writing.  I enjoyed 'reading time' when the teacher would read out aloud to the class, and one of my favourite books was 'Stig of the Dump.' I loved the escapism and I would try to read as many books as I could. Of course it did take quite awhile to get through books!

Having Erika doing the illustrations for The Sea Rabbits of Greystones is so thrilling and she has captured exactly what I was looking for. A very talented lady!


Pip Carr moved to Greystones, Ireland in 2001. "The first time I saw Greystones, I just fell in love with it. Even more so when I used to walk down along the North Beach. Whatever the weather there was always something new to see. A tennis ball washed up onto the shore was always Max's (the West Highland Terrier) ideal scenario 

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