School tours



Pip has travelled extensively throughout Ireland, the UK and Spain - from her local school, St Brigid's National School in Greystones and various UK locations, through to King's College, Murcia in southern Spain, amongst others, her talks have been well received, often resulting in repeat visits.
Having recently added adult groups to her audience, the invitations have been coming in from high profile events, which has taken Pip by surprise.  
She had this to say:


"Speaking in schools has been one of the most enjoyable and scariest adventures I've taken! So much so, I now feel I have something to say to adult groups too, as the main focus over time has moved towards overcoming all obstacles on your journey to achieving your goals." 

Her tours are self-funded, as Pip believes that whilst she is promoting her book, highlighting the struggles of students and adults with dyslexia is her greater purpose. "It's encouraging to know that speaking to students and adults alike has a real impact. I feel very privileged and humbled to have such positive feedback. I especially like the drawings I receive from the students, with their own view of the sea rabbits, Max and Molly. A child's imagination is a wondrous thing."

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